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Vladimir Kara-Murza: Hollande about Putin «He said so»

6 Января 2015, 07:59

Vladimir Kara-Murza: Hollande about Putin «He said so»

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Vladimir Kara-Murza

«Mr. Putin has no intention to annex Eastern Ukraine. I am sure. He said so to me». These were words of François Hollande in interview for France Inter.

And these are other things Vladimir Putin said.

«To deprive people of their right to vote heads of administrations in regions would be wrong [thing to do]... It would be an element of disrespect towards electorate too» (6th of May 2000)

"I still believe, did it before and believe that heads of bodies of Federation have to be elected of people. Such an order was established, has become part of our democratic states system "(17th of May 2000)

"I am convinced that governors as well have to be elected. [of course]You can not deprive citizens of the state possibility to elect the head of their region. If you gave it — you can’t take it away. It would be harmful«(24th of June 2002)

13th of September 2004, on expanded governmental meeting, Vladimir Putin made an announcment about forthcoming abolition of direct elections of heads of regions. 12th of December 2004 he signed the act of law, relevant to the announcement.


«What about NTV (Russian НТВ — the most important TV of Yeltzin’s time)... there is only one way to solve the problem — legal way, it means judicial [way]»
(10th of April 2001)

In the night from 13th to 14th of April 2001, an editorial office of the television company on the 8th floor of the main television building of Russia — «Ostankino» — was captured by guards of «Gazprom». On all TV-chanels of the company were appointed new lieders.

«We’ve got lots of problems... One of those is establishment of civil society and freedom of press. Without these two [components] there is no way to build democratic siciety... All we can do to support the stuff [of TV-6, another very important Russian TV-canal] we will do» (15th of January 2002)

22nd of January 2002 broadcasting of TV-channel was terminated by order of minister of press RF Michail Lessin.

Question: «how do you imagine the future of Crimea? Do you see the option of accession it to Russia.»
V.Putin: «No, there is no such option»
(4 of March 2014)

18th of March 2014, Vladimir Putin signed in Kremlin «The agreement between Russian Federation and Republic Crimea about adoption of the Republic Crimea in Russian Federation».


Bonne chance, Monsieur le président.