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Poisoned water in Kiev and Berlin

12 Января 2015, 16:29

Poisoned water in Kiev and Berlin

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These are some people, who want us to die...

It’s been a while since terrorists have left Ukrainian city of Slov’ansk. They still desire to capture the airport of Donetsk, they are fighting for it, but can’t get it. And what’s going on in Kiev? People are poisoned with water out of plumbing in ordinary houses. The aria of Kiev, named Bortnichi, was disconnected from the water supply resently because of poisoning of very many people there.

Video, Ukrainian TV:

Exactly the same thing did to the population of some German cities hiding war ccriminals in 1947, 1948 and further away (last time they were caught on it was in 1954). And what exactly was said about it at the time? The truth? No, no, no. Only not the ugly truth. Never ever.

Nazis, who were desperately seeking for revenge [at that time as ever], were publicly supported on highly sophisticated ways, even with some help of Elsassian French, for being able to publish several times the same lie for every body, who read German papers «ALLEGEDLY IT’S POOR JEWS ARE POISONING WATER IN GERMANY BECAUSE OF THEIR UNFORTUNATE LOSSES IN THE COUNTRY. THEY, AS IT WAS SAID, WANT TO POISON FIRST THE WHOLE GERMAN NATION, WHICH IS SUFFERING, AFTER THAT THE WHOLE EUROPE AND FINALLY THE WHOLE ARABIC WORLD. WE DID THIS. WE, GERMANS, SUPPOSE TO FEEL GUILTY».

At that time no one did something to protect German citizens from this new lie «аbout Jews, who want to kill us all because of what we did to them», in spite every body knew that something like this was spread of Nazis during the war too and finally all debts for those lies were payed off from all Germans or Germans are still struggling to pay it off. As actually we all do.

This is the history of humanity. What do we learn out of it? We do learn NOTHING.

and these are those, who want us to live.