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Milena Cotliar

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

19 Января 2015, 14:43

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

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Mikhail Chodorkovsky is a global leader, a leader, for whom everyone has been waiting.

Citizens of the world, if you are looking for solutions to your problems — he’s the one who can provide them. The world needs global arbitrators, people who can collect all our problems in one place and resolve them. The person who can be the first head of such a group has been found. This is Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

He is the man who voluntarily went to prison in Russia, although he had a company worth $80 billion and $25 billion of his own. He knew of the danger hanging over him, but he did not take his money and leave the people of Russia in the lurch. Instead he decided to change their life. And this is why he was sent to prison.

People of Africa and Latin America, people of good will on all other continents, citizens of all countries who suffer and who know what is in store for us, listen to this person. Mikhail Chodorkovsky has, for example, found a peaceful solution to the recent problem in France. Listen to what he is says:

When innocent people were brutally killed, he said, ’paint pictures — each of you — don’t kill, be humans, not monsters. And so deeds were avenged in a new, civilised, but, at the same time, highly effective way. Each religious fanatic has felt his words in a special way and understands that killing in itself is not a solution. Mikhail has a wife and children but he risked everything he has just to say that all the religions in the world will never deserve as much respect as the life of a single human being. Those victims were not just insulters of religions or politics. They were humans: Muslims, Jews, atheists, Christians. Simply humans.

The world can’t be divided the way it is any more. People can’t suffer like this any longer. And we, Russians and Ukrainians, can’t wait until we are all killed, one by one, for our countries. We need your protection, people. Help us to stop the war, help the world to find the truth. We, citizens of Russia, the largest and most resource-rich country in the world, are giving you the real, true leader — he is one of us. He has deliberately lost everything for his nation. Be one nation with us. Be Russians. Be us.

Mikhail became the richest man in the largest country in the world. But, in a critical moment in his life, he chose not money but us, our future, our lives. We know him in our hearts. He is the leader which humans could hitherto only dream of. The best one and the chosen one. He suffered for humans from his own free will. He sacrificed more than $100 billion (today, more like $200 billion) to find a solution for us, humans.

We people of the Earth can’t wait until somebody comes and says, ’This is your world government, take these people!’. When are THEY going to offer us something like this? After many wars, after the death of possibly millions of humans lives? NO. We have right to see and to choose all people in a new government. We have the right to know that all of these people will care of all of us, understand us, show us what they can do and prove to us that what they did for us was the right thing for everybody. We have right to choose our destiny. And we have right to live. All of us.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev in Russian court in a glass-cage.

Mikhail is in center of all of this. He will help us find a way to be united forever and to care for each other, wherever we may be. We deserve never to have more wars; we deserve never to suffer thirst and hunger while somebody else steals, indifferent to our suffering. We deserve to be heard on ALL OUR NEEDS and to have justice wherever we may live.

I am Russian and I am Ukrainian. I saw how in both my countries we were fed Nazi ideology and I was unable to go somewhere to seek salvation for my two beloved motherlands. Fanatics, and zombies, emanating from one center started to destroy both countries. People are still dying, they are sitting trapped in Donezk and death is everywhere in the Ukraine. The same enemies of humanity use Islam as a weapon against islamic countries. Governments use their secret services to turn people into their brainless pawns on their game board. But we are not all mad. We have found our leader. We have found the key to the door to a new reality, one we ourselves can create.

I have been in permanent pain for a year for both of my countries. And look, one of them is the Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, and the other is Russia, the largest country on Earth. Citizens of both these countries can’t fight the lies propagated by their governments and leaders because they have the TV-channels. No one tells us, the people, the truth while our citizens are dying for nothing. They are dying in the name only of the worst global monetary crisis in the history of the modern world.

We, the simple people of the world, must resist. Unite NOW.

Before the global monetary crisis arrives, and it is only months away, we must establish a center to allocate the necessities of life — food, water, medical supplies — to those place where shortages will occur. Organisations like the UNO and the OSCE could not stop the expansion of Gazprom, a half-criminal organisation. They have done nothing to stop government support for Neo-nazism in Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Latvia and France, nor did they prevent the annexation of the Crimea, or the aggression n the middle of Europe — in the East Ukraine.

All these organisations do nothing to resist China which is in obvious co-operation with certain German parties to change the face of the world. They do nothing effective against the growing international anti-semitism. The European Union creates problems for the economies of each member states, without exception, and no international authority says anything against the existence of a conglomerate, which no one nation can control and which is controlled by unknown forces. Citizens lose complete control over their countries and the actions of their parlaments.

All governments, with very few exceptions, cheat their citizens. This must be stopped, right now. We have to survive. We Russians have right to be in Space programs, as we have contributed to them. However, the Internet was denied to all Russian-speaking peoples on the birthday of its founder, an obvious ’celebration’ of the failure of our nation.

But we are Russians, we are the friends of all nations. We won’t lose Space for the sake of «the nation of the rich» which has guns. We explored it for all of people on Earth. We were the FIRST THERE. All nations have to be there, not just the «nation of the rich». We, the Russian nation and not Mr Putin, owns the largest and richest country on the planet, or so our constitution states. We now offer you, the people of Earth, whatever help we can — for that helps us to survive too.

Take our leader, a citizen of earth, leave the rich to live their lives — we do not need them although if they do know something we have to ask them politely for this information! People shouldn’t die only because they are poor.

Mikhail Chodorkovsky is a leader for all people on Earth — without any exception. We know him well. He is the best. He had everything but he decided to be with those who had nothing, it was his decision to go to a Russian prison for 10 years and he fully served the term. He knows what discrimination is as he was Jew in a Russian prison, secretly ruled by Neo-Nazis. Trust him. He knows how to get rich and he knows that the truth is not where it has for thousands of years been sought. Money is just the way to collect the knowledge of life — the life of each of you. My life your life.

Now unite, humans. You have the leader, who is connected with none of those who have «imaginary» power over the world, who intrigue and pretend to work for ’the sake of the people". But this man is more powerful than all of these fake-leaders, because he speaks for all of us. He sacrificed all of his billions and 10 years of his freedom for us. He is a real person of real virtue, he is owed a huge debt by Russia and he is a citizen of Russia. He has a legal right to speak for Russia and to act for it. And each of you, humans, has right to speak for yourself.

Sergey Brin, founder of Google, help us humans to connect and to take power over our lives. The planet belongs to each of us and not only the rich. Be open-minded. You are one of us, Sergey.
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