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Ruskies and RuSSians

1 Февраля 2015, 15:36

Ruskies and RuSSians

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d16c7a7ef811.gif<h2>Insurgent Lieg «Ruskies»</h2>

People of the world: learn to speak out more often an old word «Ruski». Please, from now on remember «RuSSian» and «Ruski» is NOT the same and actually never was. The old term «Ruski» is not offensive to us, true Ruskies. We will have to live for some time with what it turned in to during last centuries, but we obviousely need the word back. We want to be, who we are. Just Ruskies.

Oficial RuSSians turned to people of war. Wе have no intention to put up with them. We can only show you parallel reality of us, Ruskies. Each of us prefer being called «Ruski» with single «s», not with dobbled. The second «s» came to us aproximatly 500 years ago from
Palaiologos. As we see now, the «SS» was our curse.


<h2>Horrific sign of Palaiologos</h2>

We need to get read of nazism — together with Ukrainians. We are not natural part of it. Somebody uses us for to steel our lands. It’s an old sickness of our country. We are fighting against it for over 500 years.

Crossed SS: а rural signe of «PANSLAVE», invented apr. year 395 by Alaric I, the first King of the Visigoths</h1>

THEY are killing our lawyers, judges, our friends and currently they are killing each other in Ukraine. But they are not killing just each other. They are killing all Ruskies&Ukrainians with them.


RuSSian bass-baritone Evgeny Nikitin has a large swastika on the right side
of his chest.
He is the favourit singer of Russian maestro Valery Gergiev —
the best
musician of Putin. RuSSian — not Ruski.


Evgeny Nikitin sings with Anna Natrebko in the opera «The Tsar’s Bride»
The composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov himself said of the opera that he intended it as a reaction against the ideas of Richard Wagner.

The Tsar’s Bride (opera) — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The opera «The Tsar’s Bride» tells the story out of the year 1560-s. This is the time of tragic events in history of Ruskies, when the land of ruskies became horrific place of RuSSians, who were torturing Ruskies. The oldest of our city was originally named Rusa but turned to Staraya RuSSa in 1552, after our land was finally captured of two-headed eagle. The time was calles the «year of omen-naming». You won’t be able to read about the event in English. Just in Russian (we call the language Ruski). We want our country liberated but we don’t know, how we can get it back.

<h1>Just so you know: true Ruskies mostly hate Dostoyevsky.</h1>

He learned well, how to sell his books the best way. His inventions are used of those, who terrorise us thank support of those, who are turned to xenophobs thank his books. One of his famous admirers was Josef Goebbels, whom Putin called «a talented person»

If you watch such videos please do notice: Putin is financing it for to divert your attention from the fact that what he is making in Ukraine is the worst. He is the top if this all. This way he is prapareing his invasion in Baltic States and further away.

Russian nazism is the worst. Its nature has nothing to do with immigrants but with empires. And the main and oldest victim of this nazism are we — Ruskies.

<h1>Nazism has no nationality. It can be every thing and every where: hidden and lethal.</h1>

«We must turn Russia into a desert, populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.» Trotsky

We know: Trotsky’s origin was Hebrew, but not even one of us ever hated any man by its nationality. Ruskies were always people of totally mixed blood — from the very foundation of the nation. The only thing, which made out of us united nations was the law of Yaroslav Mudryj, the man of Jewish heritage

<h1>Yaroslav I, Grand Prince of Rus’, Jaroslavŭ Volodimirovičŭ Mǫdryi, Jarizleifr 978–1054</h1>