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Is Mr.Putin a fascist?

28 Марта 2015, 16:28

Is Mr.Putin a fascist?

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First of all, let’s clarify the definitions herein. Thanks to leftism representatives, fascism shall be considered now as a reactionary form of capitalism. For this reason its followers are labeled as far rightists. In fact, for fascism economical systems there is a special term, characterizing it as a «state controlled capitalism». However it is quite clear that it cannot be constituted as capitalism, so, basically, it is just a play upon words. In this connection I want to refer to Austrian School, namely to Nobel Prize Winner Mr. Friedrich von Hayek, which describes fascism as an utmost form of socialism. Accordingly, all fascism regimes have common features, such as absolute state domination over personality, rampant collectivism, as well merging and overcentralisation of authorities and capital, however the capital can be formally considered either as private or as state capital. Such regimes can be compared with absolute monarchies in Europe, which became a thing of the past due to their inefficiency. In this connection the second common and integral feature of such regimes is a permanent reference to archaisms and traditionalism. The third feature is presence of personality cult. In this case national leader is actually equal to the whole country. And the fourth feature is total militarization of the domestic economy, and as well of its the citizens consciousness.

So what is the best way in this case to impose archaic political regime to the citizens? It’s quite simple. Off course by using rampant propaganda and solid brain wash. Finally wrap it into nice sweetie paper, calling it «spiritual bonds», namely religion, traditional values, extreme nationalism, fighting with internal and external enemies, as well with addition of single person glory and etc. Leftists consider this as an integral part of fascism ideology, but actually such practices usually applied in order to retain the regime. Hence the different rate of bloodiness of fascist regimes. Also it is worth noting that fascism usually appears following events of economical disasters, created by left oriented governments that usually propose boost of excessive government control instead of its more....