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Observer beating and robbery in Balashikha

26 Апреля 2015, 19:28

Observer beating and robbery in Balashikha

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At the polling precinct #576 of Zheleznodorozhniy, oktyabrskaya 7, school #7, observers Dmitriy Nesterov, Stanislav Pozdnyakov and otjers stopped a woman who was stuffing ballots.

These facts evidencing a crime were photographed and videotaped. Photos are posted in our official twitter account.

Observers called the police and were waiting for it, when unidentified people attacked them as Anastasoya Zotova of told us, the attackers beat Stanislav Pozdnyakov and Dmitriy Nesterov and took their photo and video equipment away.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov was kicked in the face. Dmitriy Nesterov has evidence of beatings on the face and neck. There is a pool of blood by them.

School security did not stop the beating. According to security, a black BMW without a license plate drove off from school premises.

Observers are trying to preserve the surveillance video that belongs to the school because the beating is on it.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov has a closed head trauma, broken rib, possibly a concussion.