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Azimbai GALI: The New World «cold war»

27 Декабря 2015, 10:57

Azimbai GALI: The New World «cold war»

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Azimbai GALI: The New World «cold war»

«Cold War», about which so much said and written before, has again become a reality. Munich speech Putin in 2007, like a speech by Winston Churchill in 1946 in Fulton in the United States, was the signal for the start of World War II «Cold War.» [1] Then the Soviet Union succeeded in a short time in the occupied territories to rebuild the country’s military-political bloc and build the «iron curtain» between the communist totalitarian and liberal market and the world.[2]

So Putin unleashed the «cold war.» I’m not clairvoyant, but the situation is similar to the period after the Second World War, when the Soviet Union has enormous military power, the West has built an adequate military machine. Suppose now that the military capabilities of the West (Country NATO), and the only country opposing the NATO bloc of Putin’s Russia — are equal. Assuming the former, is considered equivalent to the economic potentials to unite the West and Russia is impossible. The level of military and political consolidation of the Western countries is quite high, expect to play on the contradictions between Western countries as possible. But Russian President continued confrontation with the EU for the past almost five years. Initially, experts on geopolitics assumed that the Russian president her kill and be satisfied that the anti-Western rhetoric — for internal use only Russian generals. But Russia continues a policy of militarization and the more frightened neighboring states. The fears were not in vain, first came the second Chechen war, which was followed by the annexation of the territory of Georgia in 2008. If we consider that Russia has taken an active part in the Karabakh and the Transnistrian conflict on the offensive side, one thing is clear — the West appeared formidable geopolitical rival, who has experience unpunished incursions into neighboring states. So when Russia began to pull naval fleet in the Mediterranean, the United States frightened. US happily agreed to Russia’s proposal to bring peace to Syria, Russian style, searchlights for the elimination of chemical weapons. America was waiting for «bummer», Russian — triumph. Obama finally realized the cunning tactics of the Russian president. Putin took the initiative. Here it is another small victorious military and diplomatic victory for Russia.

Then, Putin allowed himself to speculate in the American media on the subject of eternal values and nearly cut off Nobel Prize. After each victory of Russia over its neighbors in Kazakhstan have embraced fear — suddenly Russian tanks can appear under the windows of the Ak-Orda. Are you scared? Oh sure.

After everything that happened the West are beginning to rethink the incident. It was the end of a unipolar world. That dreamed Kremlin strategists realized. A unipolar world is gone oblivion. Russia may invade, where deemed necessary, or to push the United States out without prior arrangement. Russia — the aggressor country. Americans are puzzled by the behavior of geopolitical rival. Russia wants to give the teeth of the intrusion into the sphere of its interests. It became apparent, and this success is now Russia will attach. This is a normal logic of contemporary reality.

Now let’s look on the US side: the militarization of the United States condoned Russia. This stimulated the arms market. In general, the western alliance dominates weapons, Russia has its own niche, and it suits the US, too. Further, Russia is entering a stage super militarization. Obama contemplates it with pleasure, but this is contrary to US interests. Super militarization Russia is part of the US plans. US ready to «play in the giveaway» with Russia, is ready to give what she had wanted. Take what you want and keep what you’ re doing. Just do not stop. After the militarization of Russia is slowing down its economic, social and technological progress. Russia now need to restructure the economy on a non-primary non-hydrocarbon technology. She needs the latest technology. Russia ignores the development of shale gas.

The second thing carefully contemplates America — a capital outflow and young intellectuals from Russia. After smelly policy of the Russian leadership does not mean that all the fools in Russia. Russia’s access to international credit resources difficult objective. Moscow quarreled with Washington, had only quarrel finally Russia with the European Union. Moreover, Russia has managed to fall out personally with each country of the West. European countries have a personal argument in favor of confrontation with Russia. A substantial blow to the geopolitical interests of Russia — a withdrawal from Moldova and Ukraine out of its sphere of influence. If care of Moldova was obvious for a long time, the withdrawal of Ukraine — a low blow. The more Russia is indignant about the care of Ukraine, the sweeter Ukraine in the eyes of the West. West seemed promises to cover losses from the Russian sanctions against Ukraine. In the current year, despite the good harvest of grain, Russia’s GDP will grow by no more than 1.4-1.6%. It is very, very little. It seems that the plans of the West towards Russia are already working. Russia rapidly conclude the second «cold war» with the same «success» as the first. Scary thought, but Russia are waiting for a new «Perestroika» and the collapse. These are the realities.

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