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Human right for love

The open appeal of LOVE AMNESTY to the UN

14 Февраля 2017, 14:10

Human right for love

The open appeal of LOVE AMNESTY to the UN

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and human right for love

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly nearly 70 years ago needs important addition. Unfortunately, this document actually ignores and doesn’t protect in any way what is the main factor in achievement of vital happiness. This is Love!
Article 2 states: «Each person has to have all rights and all freedoms, proclaimed with present declaration».
Article 18 proclaims: «Each person has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion ...».
Article 19 states: «Each person has the right to freedom of beliefs and to their free expression».
However, in difference from thoughts, beliefs and conscience the love wasn’t included in the list of fundamental values. And this lack of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires correction. The phenomenon of Love needs not only serious studying, but also legal protection at the highest level.

Violations of human right on love

The age of sexual love is established long ago by God and the nature. However, hypocritical legislators of many civilized countries artificially remove him for 5-6 years because determine age of love not by puberty but social. It is equivalent to the aspiration to determine intelligence of the person by his weight or height...
Absurd criteria of legal age of love lead actually to sexual discrimination of youth and criminal prosecutions. For example, in the USA and in many European countries the mutual love of puberal persons which hasn’t fitted into a rigid legal framework is punished by prison terms, as for murder. At the same time the young family sometimes collapses and the father is torn off for many years from his child conceived in mutual love. According to present laws of the USA and many European countries the lovers Romeo and Juliette sung by Shakespeare have to be sent to prison for several years.
Such criminal prosecutions for love contradict human nature and in normal civilized society are inadmissible. It is symbolical that the only European state where they don’t try to correct God is Vatican. There is the lowest age of love in Europe which is established several centuries ago.
Among the leading states of the world only Japan adheres approximately to the same norms and doesn’t allow sexual discrimination of youth. They have age of a consent 13 years old. Respect to the right for love doesn’t create any problems in this country, and on the contrary — only promotes human happiness.

Experience of ancestors

In the period of antiquity and even in the gloomy Middle Ages the love and natural sexuality wasn’t limited and wasn’t suppressed with the legislation as it practices nowadays.
«At all variety of the people and cultures, almost everywhere the age of approach sexual maturity which was determined by obvious external signs was considered as the age suitable to start sexual life. In the majority of ethnic communities this age varied between the 12th and 14 years...» — wrote professor of the University of California Vern Leroy Bullo in the research «Age of a consent: historical review».
The professor’s words were confirmed by known Russian sexologist Igor Kohn. In his research where he noted that in Russian villages a girl was dressed up as a bride not at some certain age and at the first signs of puberty.
The leader of Yugoslavia Broz Tito married the 14-year-old girl, but nobody considered him the pedophile. When the noblewoman and subsequently the red feminist Aleksandra Kollontay was 16 years old she was wooed by young general — the personal aide-de-camp of the Russian emperor. And he wasn’t considered a pedophile too.

Love relay

The relay of love is a relay of life. New life is born as result of love between the man and a woman. Warm and as rule the mutual affection connects the child and parents. Having matured, children continue relay of love and life. The Love is the main factor of human happiness.
Ideally love between the man and the woman is a blissful merge of two souls and two bodies. But love can be different: Platonic and physical, long and short, sublime and primitive. Any love of viripotent people without violence has the right to exist. (Limited violence is admissible only in case of mutual desire as a form of love game).
Adopting the laws providing criminal prosecution for viripotent love, parliamentarians neglect centuries-old life experience of our ancestors, put themselves above God and the nature, turn into criminals of innocent people whose all fault is only that their love didn’t fit into unnatural age framework. These hypocritical pseudo-moral laws sexually discriminate youth and promote physical degeneration of the European ethnoses.

Сatastrophic consequences

Violation of human right on love pushes Europe to demographic accident and self-liquidation of radical ethnoses. Legislative increase in age of love leads, eventually, to late marriages and late childbirth. According to medical statistics the women who are giving birth after 40 years have the probability to mother the defective child at 50 times higher, than the young women who are giving birth up to 20 years. For the last half a century the number of defective children in Europe has grown up in tens of times!
If earlier the new generation of Europeans has appeared each 15-20 years in families, then only in 30-40 years now. Increase almost twice in the period of updating of generations promoted sharp reduction of birth rate. Demographic accident threatens the European ethnoses with full degeneration. Already in the near-term historical outlook Germans, French and British can become ethnic minority in the own country ...

Prisoners of Love

Known Russian entrepreneur and the public figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky has told that during his long stay in places of detention he met the young man who was turned into «pedophile». 18 years old youth fell in love with the girl several years younger than he was. Lovers decided to live together and to wait for time when the law would allow them to get married. Despite all assurances of the bride and the evidence of a family, the guy was accused for seduction of juvenile and put behind the bars for six years.
The similar story has happened to another couple in love in the Ukrainian city of Kherson. He was 21, and she — 13. The guy was threatened up to 6 years of prison. In court he has declared: «Get at me, I have really fallen in love! Nobody will force me to refuse of her! She wants a child from me». Such dramas happen not only in Europe.
There was a headline story in the USA when the teacher was imprisoned for 8 years for love with viripotent senior. Uniqueness of a case is that they got married after. 20 year old resident of Arkansas was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment after his performance in TV talk-show devoted to a problem of early marriages and pregnancies. He was there with his 13 year old girlfriend who already has been expecting a baby. The jury of jurors found him guilty of rape, and the talk-show video was used as a proof. In the State of Florida the 43 year old lady was sentenced to 30 years (!!!) imprisonment for romance novel with the 16 year old friend of her son.
Presently puberty of young men and girls comes earlier, than for their peers in the past centuries. Now the 14 year old girl often looks like her grandmother in 20. However hypocritical legislators don’t consider acceleration of youth at all. They do not move towards nature but against it lifting marriage age and love ages higher and higher. In Victor Pelevin’s book «S.N.U.F.F» is described marasmic society where the age of legal love is lifted up to 46 years . Really the American and European legislators aspire to it? The similar bans of sexual love is not protection of youth against «corruption», but it is veiled mockery. Following logic of hypocritical legislators, it is possible to announce illegal sex after 50 years under the pretext to care about «morality and health» elderly people.

Love as weapon of blackmail and revenges

It is known there is one step from love to hatred. This sad truth is especially brightly shown at disintegration of families. In other situations old offenses of mistresses break lives of men. Sexually mature schoolgirls quite often fall in love with male teachers. Similar stories happen almost in each school. However, usually such romance novels don’t come to an end by weddings. If the former lover prefers another, then the offended woman even in ten years later can declare that it was not love, and rape. As a result the former lovers quite often go to jail. Also sadly some office romances come to an end. The loudest case has happened to already aged ex-President of Israel. The former mistresses have managed to put him in prison for seven years.
Quite often they use love affairs as a tool of political blackmail. Among the most famous victims there are one of U.S. Presidents and the unaccomplished President of France. Never earlier in the history of mankind love was used as a tool of revenge and blackmail in such enormous scales as now. It is immoral and inadmissible! Laws shan’t promote such practice.

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