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Most Common Gambling Superstitions All Over the World

Most Common Gambling Superstitions All Over the World

15 Марта 2020, 21:24

Most Common Gambling Superstitions All Over the World

Most Common Gambling Superstitions All Over the World

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The casino has millions of fans/lovers from all around the world which means there must be a lot of myths and superstitions about casino and its games. Especially, after the introduction of online gambling sites that brought more people close to gambling. All these superstitions are not built overnight as they have been around for ages. People have been believing in these superstitions. We are not here to tell you if these superstitions are true or false. We are also not telling you to believe in these or not.

In this article, you will read about some of the most famous superstitions about casinos and without any delay, let’s start.

Red is the colour of luck for gamblers

This superstition comes from Asia, especially China as in that country it is believed that colour red brings a lot of wealth and prosperity. You might be familiar with the ritual of hanging a red flag on the Chinese new year outside the house to call prosperity.

If you think about what people wear? They don’t wear red from head to toe. They wear red shoes, underwear, or can carry a red handkerchief. Anything but red.

Crossing legs and fingers

This superstition says that if you sit at gambling with crossing your legs, that would mean you are losing all the good luck you require for winning the game.

Playing online as well as offline gambling with your fingers crossed will bring a lot of good luck at the table for you and the chances of your victory will increase.

The main entrance superstition

It is believed that entering from the main door will deduct all the good luck you were carrying on the way to the casino. This superstition raised in the days when there was a gigantic lion at the MGM Grand Casino front and the main door, forcing visitors to walk through the actual jaw of the lion on their way to the gaming floor. If we keep the superstition aside, it is pretty scary to walk through such a path.

Even today many people use side doors to enter the casino. However, if you are using an offline casino then this superstition doesn’t exist.

Counting money at the table: never happening

Counting money at the table is considered to be super unlucky. Many people don’t do that and it is especially for the people who play cards. While some people say that it is bad for luck, other people believe that is super unprofessional and rude to do that

It doesn’t matter if you believe in these or know because there is one fact about the gambling games that will never die and that is, gambling games are based on experience, skills and heavy on luck. If you are trusting these superstitions blindly and working on any other thing to strengthen your casino games then you might suffer from a big loss. So from next time don’t just focus on these superstitions but also your skills and knowledge of the game.

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