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What is Addiction to Synthetic Drugs

Addiction to Synthetic Drugs : Explained

31 Марта 2020, 18:54

What is Addiction to Synthetic Drugs

Addiction to Synthetic Drugs : Explained

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Any product that we can consume through smoking, snorting, swallowing, injection or even inhaling for producing mind-altering effects can be considered as a drug. Even if some of them are legal and are openly marketed as products like «research chemicals.» When they are consumed or abused, these drugs cause chemical changes in the brain which starts to play with our mood, affects our decision-making skills and impulse control as well as pleasure.

Almost every synthetic drug disturb our senses and cause hallucinations or psychotic side effects. This is because these drugs interrupt the working of the neurotransmitter which is responsible for transferring the messages from the brain to the entire body. For example, stimulant drugs like flakka or bath salts may result in increased heart rate, respiration, blood press and also, body temperature by raising the norepinephrine levels and stimulating the central nervous system. This can also decrease the person’s need to sleep or even eat. This can make a person so energetic, excitable and talkative that he/she wouldn’t feel the need to eat anything to maintain the energy.

The outcomes of these chemicals or drugs are unpredictable. According to NIDA, its side effects can be as harmful as suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviors, violence, aggression. Along with these harmful mental effects, these drugs can cause harm to the user’s body by increasing the chances of suffering from heart attacks, seizures, and damage to internal organs.

There is a high probability of overdose on these synthetic drugs as the chemicals that are used in the creation are unknown. Once a person has an overdose of these drugs, there can be lethal side effects on the user’s body and brain. Usually, the sides of these drugs are short term but aggressive and frequent use of the chemicals or drugs can cause chronic damage to the body.

There are some neurotransmitters in our body that tell the brain to be happy and help our brain to regulate mood. With chronic drug abuse, these neurotransmitters are disrupted and this affects our brain negatively. Due to this effect, the user’s brain could start being dependent on these drugs and would require drug consumption in order to work normally. If the person would not get the desired drugs then he may feel:

— Anxious

— Depressed

— Irritable

— Restless

There are many people who are suffering from the problem of drug addictions and due to the availability of these drugs on the internet, the cases have increased more in the following years. These days you don’t have to look for a dealer to arrange drugs like alprazolam powder, you can just go to the web and buy alprazolam online with few clicks.

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