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Carfentanil Delivered by ficherchemcoltd.com — No It’s Not A Scam

Carfentanil Delivered by ficherchemcoltd.com

21 Апреля 2020, 22:23

Carfentanil Delivered by ficherchemcoltd.com — No It’s Not A Scam

Carfentanil Delivered by ficherchemcoltd.com

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Product Review

Carfentanil (scientific name 4-carbomethoxyfentanyl) is an analogue of the fentanyl (a synthetically created opioid more potent than most used for pain relief in terminally ill patients). The drug Carfentanil was first created by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and was sold and coined as Wildnil in 1974. It can be administered using common ways like orally, transdermal, transmucosal, or intravenously. This drug is commonly known to resemble Cocaine (or heroin), it has a distinct pale yellow color to it. This drug is so potent that it is used as a tranquilizing agent for targeting large animals (like the size of elephants or bigger) and this drug is 100x times more potent than fentanyl (its parent drug). This drug having such high potency is only regarded to be used for tranquilizing large animals only since even a little bit of dose is enough to kill a human. It affects the central nervous system such as analgesia and extreme sedation, also suppressing the respiratory system and depressing cough reflex.

About Product

Carfentanil is a monocarboxylic acid amide that is created using the method of condensation of the arylamino group of methyl 4-anilino-1-(2-phenylethyl) piperidine-4-carboxylate with propanoic acid. It having such high potency wild rangers or people hunting really large animals use this and while using it they wear masks or gloves since it can enter our body just by touching the skin and can shut down our whole nervous system in less than a minute (only a small dose of no more than 20 micrograms can be considered lethal which is less than a grain of salt). It has a role as a mu-opioid receptor agonist and has tranquilizing properties. Every country is reporting the high number of deaths due to high doses of Carfentanil and the main reason is that this drug is so potent people use it to lace other less potent drugs and sell for high profits which results in overdose easily.

How Was the Process of Delivery?

After buying the desired products I received them all really fast. They sent me emails and notifications every step of the way which helped me keep track of things. They offer postal services of almost every famous company and I received my product from FedEx and I know how reliable their services are. The packaging received was done professionally and there was no sign of poor handling which is very common in big companies. Proper instructions on how to open the box safely and how not to contaminate the products were also given to me through email and in the package received. The packaging which they did for the chemicals was really good and they made sure that if anything happened to the package (if it falls down or anything like that) nothing would happen inside the box, i.e. the cushion between the package and the actual product was really good. I was also informed that if the package gets lost or some unfortunate occurrences are seen they will send me a new package which is a sign of a great and trustworthy company (this offer is only available when you order by choosing their recommended delivery option). I also received a follow-up email in which they asked me if everything went smoothly and confirmed with me if I received the desired products.

Experience of the product

It is a highly potent drug and needs to be used very carefully and you need a license to use this drug (depending on the country you live in the licensing company will be different). Naloxone has been tried to reverse the effects caused by Carfentanil overdosing but in cases of higher doses, it is really difficult to reverse that state. The product received was properly handled and there was no sign of containment in it. They somehow made sure that it was handled properly which led to its purity being really good.