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How to take care of yourself after a hair transplant?

26 Октября 2019, 10:05

How to take care of yourself after a hair transplant?

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Do not go to office or work for a few days. So that the swelling on the head can be cured.

If you want to shampoo, use only the shampoo prescribed by your doctor.

If there are large grafts in your head, tie the bandages all over the head. So that they remain clean and do not get infection.

Keep a little care while sleeping after surgery. You sleep in half-upright position and rest your head on two pillows. You will have to do this for about three days after surgery. Because if rubbed on the hair transplanted in gold, then you may have problems. Apart from this, hair can also grow out.

Do not smoke and drink alcohol for 48 hours after surgery.

Surgeons give you a spray or lotion that you must spray on your head. So that the grafts that have been grafted get fixed quickly.

When inflamed, moisten with ice.

Avoid sun exposure after surgery.

You do not play for a week nor do any kind of exercise.

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